About Us

Hussein M. Sadek, President/CEO

Mr. Sadek, TCI, Inc. President/CEO is a graduate Electrical/Electronics Engineer with more than 40 years of experience in the NDT & Engineering profession. An ASNT NDT Level III and an ACCP Professional Level III.

An honorary and Fellow member of the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT), Mr. Sadek is a Past National President and Chairman of ASNT (1998-1999), and an active member since 1979. Mr. Sadek is the recipient of Robert C. McMaster Gold Medal (2013) and the Phillip D. Johnson Honorary Membership Award (2009) for his rendered exceptional service and outstanding contributions to the advancement of nondestructive testing profession and to ASNT.

Mr. Sadek has served as President for Nondestructive Management Association (NDTMA) in 2009 and Six years as a board member.As a highly respected, skilled practitioner and educator in his field, Mr. Sadek is a technical and a consultant expert in the field of NDT. Mr. Sadek has written, published, authored, and presented several papers in the field of NDT and mechanical integrity applications throughout the US and Internationally. In addition Mr. Sadek has authored The Electromagnetic Training Class Room Training Book & The Electromagnetic Programmed Instruction Series for ASNT.

TCI, Inc. Technicians / Engineers are highly skilled, experienced, qualified and certified in accordance with the latest industry's standards and requirements such as ASNT, AWS and API.

TCI, Inc. utilizes the latest technologies in NDT instrumentation/systems, advances data analysis and report generation software.